3CX Cloud PBX is hardware-free, wire-free, retaining essential features of traditional PBX while offering additional benefits such as home/mobile/multi-location office support, device flexibility, cost-effective telephony, and an enhanced unified communication and collaboration experience with features like video conferencing and desktop sharing.

Hardware-Free & Wire-Free

No hardware costs involved, and there are no additional wiring expenses for employee seat changes, reducing construction and setup costs such as renovations.

Security and Reliability

The software-based architecture is geographically agnostic, offering flexible support for remote or cloud backup. A robust cybersecurity mechanism is established through firewalls, IP filtering, and encryption for voice calls.


Enjoy the flexibility to choose between desktop phones, software-based internet phones, PC/mobile apps, ensuring you never miss important calls. Make calls using the company’s representative number .

Management and Maintenance

Administrators can log in to the backend from anywhere to configure the system, manage users, review recordings, and set dispatching rules. Integration with Microsoft AD and 365 is also supported.

Latest Version Experience

The system undergoes continuous upgrades and optimizations, eliminating the need for expensive upgrade costs. Enjoy the latest version experience and support for the latest mobile system versions through a subscription model.

Extension Flexibility

The number of extensions can be easily increased or decreased, with no geographical restrictions. Ideal for remote offices and multi-location enterprises (each license supports up to 1024 users).

Versatile Scenarios

One-time investment catering to various application scenarios.

Intuitive User Experience

Whether using IP phones, web-based softphones, or mobile/PC client applications, clear icons display the status of all extensions, making it incredibly easy to locate individuals.

Seamless Human-Computer Interaction

Seamless interaction between PC client and desktop terminal phones. Answering calls, transferring, and conducting meetings can be effortlessly done with a mouse, providing a smooth user experience for corporate communication.

Integration with Telephony and Business Systems

3CX has seamlessly integrated with multiple enterprise software, allowing for immediate API integration to expedite the process. The CRM and communication systems are no longer isolated entities. Through features like click-to-dial and CTI integration, businesses can focus on their core operations, enhancing efficiency.


AI IVR System

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with intelligent voice prompts allows callers to choose the extension or service they want to be directed to by pressing digits or using voice recognition.

Personal Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Line

DID numbers, also known as direct line numbers, allow incoming calls to bypass the auto-attendant and directly reach the specified extension, extension ring group, or service queue.

Call Forwarding Rule

Particularly beneficial for sales and customer service, ensuring crucial calls are not missed and enhancing overall work efficiency.

Call Pickup

After setting up groups and pickup codes, it is possible to answer calls ringing in the same group. This feature reduces missed calls in the enterprise, enhancing overall service quality.

Extension and Mobile Resonance

When a call comes in, if an employee is not near their desk phone, they can use their mobile phone to answer the call, reducing the chances of missed calls.

Voice Conferencing

Mainly used for internal communication among colleagues. External members can also be invited to the conference via the PSTN line. If confidentiality is required, the conference can be secured through PIN codes, ensuring that only authorized individuals can participate.

Integration with CRM stytem

Integration with CRM software vendors through APIs enables incoming call pop-ups, allowing personnel to quickly access and update customer information. This not only streamlines information management but also enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Call Reporting

Automatically generated and sent via email . These emails can be scheduled to be sent to supervisors regularly, providing a clear and real-time overview of internal call records, contributing significantly to effective enterprise management.



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